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Kryo Suite Warmbad Cold chamber until a -110°C

After just 3 minutes in the cold chamber down to -110° Celsius of the Panacool, following a short-term cooling session, you will experience immediate benefit and a feeling of vitality. With more than 50 areas of application in the medical, aesthetic and sporting fields, sessions in the Cryo Suite at Warmbad will provide relief for numerous ailments. Save time, gain efficiency and simply be cool!


In the long term, cold therapy can be used for a wide variety of symptoms. It affects metabolic processes on a cellular level, which means that in the case of inflammatory rheumatic diseases and chronic illnesses, there is a significant reduction in pain. Skin diseases such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis are alleviated due to the anti-itching effect of cold. Cold therapy improves general wellbeing and also leads to improvements in sufferers of migraine and depression.



Regularly undergoing sessions at the Kryo Suite Warmbad will ensure a better body feeling, the metabolism will run at full speed for hours after the treatment. The circulation is stimulated, the skin tightened and cellulite reduced. Through calorie consumption, the therapy also stimulates weight reduction.



In sports, the benefits of cold therapy are far-reaching. Tired muscles regenerate faster, muscle tensions are minimised, athletes experience increased performance through improved metabolic function and accelerated muscle recovery, and better regeneration is confirmed. The cold chamber soothes pain in the case of injuries, improves joint function and intensifies the healing process.

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Wellness resort Warmbad-Villach: spa

The Kryo Suite Warmbad will be available to you in the Thermal Center "Kurzentrum". By appointment only with prior booking by sending an E-mail to: kryosuite@warmbad.at or online at www.med-warmbad.at

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